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Tropical Cattle, Australian Brahman Breeders Association Stud No.7, is a pioneer in the Australian Brahman industry.

We commenced breeding American grey Brahmans in 1960 at the “The Orient”, with the importation of bulls and females from JD Hudgins Ranch, Hungerford Texas.

These cattle established the nucleus of the Tropical Cattle Brahman Stud and have had a significant influence on the direction of our cattle breeding program over the 6 decades since.




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The Orient, Ingham, North Queensland

American embryos

In the early 1980’s Tropical Cattle created history by bringing the first US Brahman embryos into Australia.  Our buyers were the beneficiaries of this ground-breaking approach.  

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Fixed term AI benefits

Tropical Cattle continues to infuse top quality American Grey and Australian Poll Grey Brahman genetics into its herd. The result is a reliable and well bred beef-type brahman.

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Innovation and quality

The Rockhampton division adds a new dimension to Tropical Cattle’s operations. Our facilities harness the power of IVF to access leading grey polled blood-lines.

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The Orient

Orient Road, Ingham Queensland

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The Orient is a 15 minute drive from Ingham. We can collect you from Ingham airport.

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